Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy 2012!!!

I was out for awhile during holidays... I did not get the chance to blog :-( ... My cousin came to visit Australia. So I have to tour her around and there were lots of parties to attend as well. So there was no time to open my computer and if there was a time, my aunt (who is like my mother to me here in Australia) raised her eyebrow whenever I attempted to open my computer. She thinks that it is best to chat to real people than chatting/blogging in cyberspace. I find it plain boring to chat to real people, they tend to brag too much how successful they are and all that bullshit. And I have no choice but to succumb to their shit or else I'll be labelled rude by my family. I really don't give a damn what other people think of me unless it is my family. So it's really a dilemma. oh well, it's not hard to listen to people's shit anyway... I will just think it will be over soon hehehe...

Now, back to nail business. As I mentioned in my previous post that I purchased Sally Hansen Salon Effects Christmas Winter Funderland, I used it during Christmas because I did not have time to give myself a manicure because I have to bake and help my aunt cook Christmas dinner. Sadly, I was not able to take photos of it :-(... Anyhow, I still have some few strips left, I could still use it for another manicure. I like the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Christmas Winter Funderland, it was really good and I was able to give my cousin and my aunt a manicure out from it as well. They have short nails and I have short nails as well, so it's really a bang for the buck! The few strips left may cover six finger I think. But I could use black nail polish on the other fingers, I will use the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Black Diamond... I can't wait to do it, I hope I can do it tonight so I can post it tomorrow.

On new year's eve, I went for a New Year's Eve cruise here in Sydney. It was cocktail party so had my nails painted by China Glaze Icicle from China Glaze Let It Snow Collection and I top it off with OPI Crown me Already from OPI Miss Universe Collection. It was really sparkly and pretty. Again I did not took the photo. Yesterday, I got the time to take some photo but it got chipped already so I topped it off with the China Glaze Black Mesh crackle. I loved the effect... I liked it a lot, here is the photo...

The New Year's fireworks was spectacular, see photo below of firewoks on the Harbour Bridge and Opera House ... I was tipsy but it didn't let me stop not to climb over the table to take this fireworks photo. Happy 2012 everyone!!!

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