Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy 2012!!!

I was out for awhile during holidays... I did not get the chance to blog :-( ... My cousin came to visit Australia. So I have to tour her around and there were lots of parties to attend as well. So there was no time to open my computer and if there was a time, my aunt (who is like my mother to me here in Australia) raised her eyebrow whenever I attempted to open my computer. She thinks that it is best to chat to real people than chatting/blogging in cyberspace. I find it plain boring to chat to real people, they tend to brag too much how successful they are and all that bullshit. And I have no choice but to succumb to their shit or else I'll be labelled rude by my family. I really don't give a damn what other people think of me unless it is my family. So it's really a dilemma. oh well, it's not hard to listen to people's shit anyway... I will just think it will be over soon hehehe...

Now, back to nail business. As I mentioned in my previous post that I purchased Sally Hansen Salon Effects Christmas Winter Funderland, I used it during Christmas because I did not have time to give myself a manicure because I have to bake and help my aunt cook Christmas dinner. Sadly, I was not able to take photos of it :-(... Anyhow, I still have some few strips left, I could still use it for another manicure. I like the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Christmas Winter Funderland, it was really good and I was able to give my cousin and my aunt a manicure out from it as well. They have short nails and I have short nails as well, so it's really a bang for the buck! The few strips left may cover six finger I think. But I could use black nail polish on the other fingers, I will use the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Black Diamond... I can't wait to do it, I hope I can do it tonight so I can post it tomorrow.

On new year's eve, I went for a New Year's Eve cruise here in Sydney. It was cocktail party so had my nails painted by China Glaze Icicle from China Glaze Let It Snow Collection and I top it off with OPI Crown me Already from OPI Miss Universe Collection. It was really sparkly and pretty. Again I did not took the photo. Yesterday, I got the time to take some photo but it got chipped already so I topped it off with the China Glaze Black Mesh crackle. I loved the effect... I liked it a lot, here is the photo...

The New Year's fireworks was spectacular, see photo below of firewoks on the Harbour Bridge and Opera House ... I was tipsy but it didn't let me stop not to climb over the table to take this fireworks photo. Happy 2012 everyone!!!

Sunday, 11 December 2011

A blingtastic monday...

I finally got the full set of OPI Muppets Collection! And it was hard to choose which one I should try first... so I pick one with my eyes closed that lead me to gone gonzo! Here it is:

I am very happy with this bling! Coincidentally I recently purchased Sally Hansen Salon Effects Christmas WINTER FUNDERLAND because it was on sale at Priceline... it's black with silver and blue glitters. But hey, I can't get enough with glitters and black, blue, silver... sometimes it's just really hard to stop myself from hoarding! :D

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Someone asked where I bought my nails

At the coffee shop, while waiting for my coffee a lady customer asked me where I bought my nails. I got confused and said "Pardon me but I don't quite understand what you mean". She then said "Your nails are so pretty and I really like the shape and design, I want to get one!" lol... I said to her "Thank you but these are my real nails and I designed it myself." :-P

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Not so holo...

Hello! Today, this is what I am wearing on my nails and this will probably will stay for a week If I don't get bored with them until this weekend.

I have used the following:

Base Coat: Nail Tek Foundation II Ridge Filling Nail Strengthener
Base Colors: Ulta3 Silver Grey + Eclipse Grey
Design: Stamping by Konad m64
Stamping Color: Konad Black Special Polish
Top Coat: Seche Vite

I wanted to achieve a holographic effect of basecolor. I do not know if I did it well because I don't own any holographic nail polish. I am yearning to have Nfu Oh #61 and Nfu Oh #65 but I have not found them here in Sydney, Australia. Vivid Nails has it out of stock for some time now. But today, I made an ebay purchase of OPI DS Radiance and OPI DS Coronation. I do not know if they are close to Nfu Oh 61.

Before I konad, I put an Ed Hardy water decal first, see photos below. I did not like the look of it. I think I have to use these decals in darker background or splatter background. I have to do that next time.

With the konad, I am happy with the outcome. It looks preppy and will make my boss happy not scared of my wacky colors or designs lol. However, he commented that my ring is massive that I am ready to box someone. Duh... what can I do, Boss??? My work is very techie Boss... please at least give me a break on my nails and rings to have a bit of fun at work! Oh, please excuse my earrings and bracelets as well if I wear those peace and cross designs lol... at least it's a sign that I love peace and God  :)

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

I made it... my very first post...

Hello! I finally made it to my first... yay! I took me so long... I was waiting for that someone to kick my butt but no one dared. But then, I really made it! I'm so happy! Weee!!!

Okay, I don't have a nail art or nail polish to post today. I just want to write my first post :D.

I wish to do the 31 Day Challenge that I follow from The Nailasaurus (btw, she is my inspiration). But I don't think I am that talented yet lol... I think what is achievable for me would be to post here my manicures for each week. I really hope to get better on my work. After all I just started my nail addiction this year of April 2011. It all started when I went to visit my parents and a neighbor had given me a manicure and telling me how I don't take care of my nails and painted my nails frosted white. It did not excite me but her words got carved to my brain. So I started to take care of my nails and became adventurous with wacky nail colors and nail arts. I keep buying nail stuff and was not able to stop myself.

So that's it for my very first post! I welcome feed-backs or criticisms to whatever degree of difficulty it is to swallow. I will use your words to make myself better and I promise not to sob :)